Friday, 27 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

It has been a while since I lost my land in SL - as I could no longer afford the tiers for half a homestead. I have been forced to take refuge in my Linden Home. I have tried to do the best I can with it and feedback from visitors has been positive, but I hate it. It is one of the most depressingly bland and badly laid out builds in SL.

The building is long and narrow and spread over two floors. I have had to use low prim everything in order to make the space not look so empty. Thank heavens for PrimSavers for sofas, chairs and screens. Furnishing a two storey property on 117 prims is not easy.

Having studied architecture as part of my interior design training, the shape, size and layout of the building makes little sense to me. The sliding door does not match the style of the build, the windows don't have a standard tinting mechanism, the fire is modern but ugly and has a chimney which would empty in to the second floor room, there is a balcony on the second floor that is useless, doors and windows are badly arranged, etc.

Whilst I realise that it is not a real house, it would have been nice if the builder could have taken some real life design considerations with regard to layout and architecture.

I hate that the house is in the middle of a "housing estate" which is mostly empty. This makes packing the houses in so tightly rather ridiculous. I have a lovely view from one of the windows of the wall of the empty house next door. The thing I hate most is being landlocked. I am surrounded by other buildings with no real view and I so miss having a home by the sea. Every home I have had with the exception of my first skybox has been on the edge of a sim. It may sound odd but I love sitting by the water and watching the sunset.

I would settle for a small rental property somewhere until I get back on my feet financially, but I haven't found anything suitable yet. I shall keep looking.

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