Friday, 11 February 2011

ALTered Images

So...people probably know that I have alt accounts in SL. I was rather shocked to discover that a system exists within SL to track alts. The RedZone Security system apparently uses a flaw in parcel media to detect and store users IP addresses. The IP addresses are linked to avatar names and cross-referenced within the system, thus showing an IP address and ALL avatars using it. Of course, this will show up alt accounts, families/couples who use the same computer for individual accounts, anyone using public computers and so on. The list is available to users of the RedZone system. A JIRA exists if anyone wants to read more or vote to remove this invasion of privacy from the grid.

RedZone Security JIRA


  1. So...i forgot to mention that I have the GreenZone HUD and will be listing here any sims that I stumble in to that are using the RedZone system.

  2. So...just out of interest I went browsing on Google to see how much information an IP address actually gives away. Not only does it reveal who my ISP is, but it gives a map to my town!