Sunday, 20 June 2010

First Contact's a strange fact about me. It is very rare for me to IM people on my Contact List. Sure, people will IM me, give me notecards, send TP requests, etc., but it is not very often that I will initiate contact (and even more unlikely that I would have sent you the friend request that got us connected).

It isn't because I am busy or expect people to beg audience with me; I am shy, introverted, lack self confidence and self worth. I always feel like I am intruding on people or think they will be too busy or having too much fun to want to hear from me. Oddly enough, I am exactly the same in real life...I never phone, I never text, I never email unless the person has contacted me first.

Certainly everyone in my real life knows that if you want me, I am always there and usually more than happy to help. I am the person who can be relied upon if you need a ride somewhere, if you need curtains making, if you need help decorating, if you need shopping done or kids picked up, etc. I hope my friends in SL know the same - I love to help if it is at all within my power.

I guess another aspect of this is my almost total inability to ask for help no matter how much I am struggling with something. If I come to you for anything, even advice, it means I am feeling pretty desperate about whatever the issue is.

The moral of this tale is...if you want me, find me...I will only be too happy to hear from you.

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